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Tips for a Well Organised Bathroom

No matter how beautiful you make it, a bathroom is only as effective as it is functional and practical. That means keeping things organised and tidy so that you are able to find things when you need them.


Considering its relatively small size, it is amazing how quickly stuff accumulates in a bathroom. Have you ever seen one of those bathroom counters with fifty different things on them, and wondered how the owners even knew what was in the mess?

In addition to saving you time when you get ready, especially during those busy mornings, a neat, well organised bathroom is also easier on the eye, which, in turn, translates to a more relaxing and calming bath time experience overall. Whether you are looking to get some home styling done or simply plan to DIY, give your bathroom the makeover it needs and deserves with these organising tips:

  1. Throw things away

Go through everything in your bathroom, and throw away all the things that you no longer use or need. Women are particularly adept at amassing things in the bathroom, no thanks to their many, many cosmetics and skincare products. Throw away expired sunscreen and any other expired beauty products. If something looks like it might have reached the end of its shelf life, throw it out. You will never use it anyway, and you certainly won’t miss it. Items that haven’t been used in a long time should also go into the bin – if you haven’t used them in months, what makes you think you are going to start using them all of a sudden?

  1. Invest in some drawer dividers

Drawer dividers are a bathroom drawer’s best friends. Instead of throwing all your hair accessories, various cosmetic items and beauty tools into one massive, messy pool, only to have to frantically rummage through them the next time you need a specific item, get some drawer dividers to keep your items categorised and easy to find. Boxes and trays designed especially for this purpose are available in a wide range of sizes and materials, so do mix and match them to find your perfect combination. You might find utensil organisers pretty useful too.

  1. Hang things up wherever possible

Isn’t it annoying how bathrooms never seem to have enough towel bars? Solve that problem easily by installing extra hooks or towel bars behind the bathroom door. Get rid of all that mess on the bathroom counter by sorting the items into a hanging organiser. Ditto for the shower stall – get a shower caddy.

  1. Use a Lazy Susan in your bathroom cabinet

Bathroom cabinets are great for storing bottles of beauty products and other toiletries, and if you can get a bathroom cabinet that contains separate compartments – one for each member of the family – even better! To solve the problem of difficult-to-reach items at the back of a cabinet, use a Lazy Susan, or install sliding wire trays – the kind that is used in kitchens. Voila! Problem solved.

  1. Make sure there’s plenty of storage

From installing extra cabinets, shelves or racks on the wall for towels and other items – that includes the space above your toilet – to organising all your smaller items in appropriately sized baskets or trays, make sure your bathroom has storage options for everything that is in it, no matter big or small. Also, instead of putting away all your hair clips in a box or drawer somewhere, try attaching them all to a pretty ribbon, and displaying them on the wall.

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