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How to Create a Dining Table Centrepiece

If you have ever tried to decorate your dining room, whether as part of your home styling efforts to get your property sale-ready or even in preparation for a dinner party, you will know that no dining table is truly complete without some kind of centrepiece.


Whether it is something as simple as a small vase of fresh flowers or an elaborate arrangement of candles, flowers and other decorative items, centrepieces are a must-have for every dining table. Fortunately, creating your own centrepiece is not as complicated as you might imagine. All you need is a little time, some creativity, as much or as little money as you would like to spend, and these following tips:

1. More is always better

Whoever came up with the saying ‘There is strength in numbers’ was really on to something, even when it comes to dining table centrepieces. While a small vase standing on its own might look a little lost or be mistaken for something that you forgot to put away, a group of small vases in different shapes or complementing forms instantly become an eye-catching centrepiece.

2. Fruit isn’t just for eating

Get a big glass bowl in whatever shape, size and form you fancy. Line the base with lemon leaves, arranging them in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Then, add lemons, tying them together at the stems if you can get lemons with the stems still attached, and arranging them sort of around the edge of the bowl. Finally, top with mandarins or oranges, and you have a beautiful, colourful centrepiece all ready to go. Experiment with different fruits and colours – anything that you can get at the local grocery store or farmer’s market that is in season and that looks beautiful will do just fine.

3. Use all kinds of greenery

Few things inject life into a room and brighten it up like a vase of fresh flowers, but did you know that flowers are not the only option when it comes to filling up a vase? Next time, instead of one vase of flowers, try several smaller, transparent vases filled with interesting stalks and leaves. The effect is just as attractive, especially if the greenery matches the tone and feel of the rest of your dining room.

4. Combine different elements

Create your very own masterpiece with a few lanterns (don’t forget the candles inside), a pile of river rocks, and some moss. Simply line the lanterns up in a row at the centre of the table, arrange the clumps of moss all around the lanterns, and randomly place the river rocks on top of the moss. Periodically spritz the moss with water to keep them fresh if you like, otherwise you can just leave them as they are. You can also replace the lanterns with enormous candles or whatever else you think might work.

5. Show off your glassware

If you have them, a variety of glass bottles and jars in different shapes and pretty colours actually make a charming centrepiece. Even better, you won’t even need to put flowers in them!

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